ARV Publications


'200 Rumsväxter i färg och deras skötsel' (200 room plants in color and their care) by Jan Elffers. In Swedish. Published by P. Bakker, Beeklaan, Holland. Graphic design, printing and publishing year unknown.


Clas Ohlson AB mail order catalog. Number 59, 1970-71, Sweden. Graphic design and printing unknown.


These bubble gum colored gems are one of my favorite flea markets finds ever.

"Burspråket" Medlemsblad för Sveriges Burfågelföreningar (Swedish caged bird association) 1960-1972. Graphic design & printing unknown.


I collect pretty books. At flea markets, attics of older family members, shops that haven't changed their displays since the 70s - this is where I find my treasures. Here in this journal I will show them to you, one publication at a time. Here's the first, a Polish photo book about mountain climbing that will turn all your fingers black from ink.

"Karakorum" - Polskie Wypwrawy Alpinistyczne. (Polish Apline Expeditions.) Published by Sport i Turystyka, printed in Warsaw, 1986. Graphic design by "Dom Słowa Polskiego".